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The SEZ Lotus Tenant Starts Metal Cutting to Build the First Container Carrier

The Lotos Shipyard of the Southern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre (incorporated in the United Shipbuilding Corporation) started cutting metal to construct the base section of the first dry cargo and container vessel of Project 00108. The shipyard is a tenant of the industrial production Special Economic Zone Lotus located in the Narimanov District.

In December 2022, the Southern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre signed the contract to construct four vessels of this type. The keel-laying of the lead vessel is scheduled for May. The delivery time for all container ships is 2025.

Project 00108 is designed by Vympel Design Bureau (part of the USC). This is the first Russian project of cross-functional dry cargo container vessel of the river-sea type, which can carry international standard 531 containers the including refrigerated ones.

The important advantage of the ship is its versatility. Besides containers, it may carry any type of dry cargo in two holds, including grain, wood and timber as well as general cargo. The ship has a large capacity for oversized cargoes.

The main ship specifications are as follows: 141 m overall length, 16.9 m width, 6.3 m depth, 12 thousand cubic meters volume of the cargo holds, 9200 tons (with a draft of 5.3 meters) deadweight in the sea, 5000 tons (with draft of 3.6 meters) deadweight in the river, speed of 10 knots.


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