Our advantages

Special Economic Zone LOTUS is located in the Astrakhan Region bordering the countries of the Caspian Basin, at the intersection of two Eurasian transport corridors – “North-South” and “West-East”.

SEZ Lotus was created for localization of industrial production facilities related to shipbuilding, engineering as well as for other high-tech industries.


 Main Advantages of SEZ Lotus

SEZ Lotus was granted a status of a basic area for localization of production of shipbuilding equipment and components at the federal level;

SEZ is focused on high-tech production in the field of import-substituting projects, ensuring Russia’s leading position in the world market;

One of the most beneficial taxation systems among industrial-production zones in the Russian Federation;

Large-scale shipbuilding complex in the Astrakhan Region;

Favourable economic and geographical position (at the intersection of two actively developing Eurasian transport routes: North-South corridor towards Iran and West-East corridor);

Availability of large sales markets for industrial and investment products (accessibility of the Caspian Region markets of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the markets of economic partners of these countries);

Availability of all types of transport infrastructure (rail, road, water and air transport);

Developed personnel market and vocational education system with a focus on specific needs of industrial enterprises.

Production localization in SEZ Lotus   is the ultimate solution for the companies planning to enter Russian market and the markets of the Caspian-bordering countries