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The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia again recognized Special Economic Zone “Lotus” as effective

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has published the report on the results of special economic zones for the year 2021. The agency carries out the analysis annually in accordance with the rules of assessment of SEZ functioning efficiency approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree.

According to the evaluation results, the Special Economic Zone “Lotus” has been found effective in 2021, having been in the 7th place out of 19 among the SEZ of industrial-production type with the value of the summary indicator of efficiency - 89,1%.

Functioning efficiency was assessed according to more than 25 criteria. Resident activities, profitability of federal and regional budgets investment in the creation of infrastructure, the work of the management bodies and other parameters were taken into account.

According to Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Dmitry Vakhrukov, the overall effectiveness of the SEZ has increased and amounted to 95% against 87% at the end of 2020. "In general, we can say that the SEZ mechanism is effective. The state has recovered 90% of its costs for this mechanism. Residents paid 275.3 billion rubles in payments to all budgets of the budget system of Russia, while the state spent 304.8 billion rubles on the SEZ, of which 204.9 billion rubles of direct construction costs and 99.9 billion rubles in the form of loss of income due to the provision of various benefits. Taking into account the dynamics, which shows all sites, we expect full recoupment of the SEZ mechanism this year," - said the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia.

Today there are 18 residents in the “Lotus” SEZ, the declared investments of which amount to about 47 billion rubles. They implement projects in different industries: geosynthetics, fish fodder, household chemicals, bioprotein, shipbuilding and components. The residents include companies from Iran, Italy and other countries. Residents have invested 3 billion rubles, created 429 jobs and paid over 1 billion rubles in taxes and social payments.

Three factories are working, three more companies are being built, including Russia's first Iranian plant of household chemicals. At the end of Autumn this year, the resident of SEZ “Lotus” - the company "Fish Feed" plans to complete construction and put into operation a large plant for the production of feed for fish and pets. Also the expansion of production of another resident - the company "Hexa-Lotus", which is completing the construction of the second stage of the plant for the production of geosynthetic materials. A number of plants, including foreign investors, are at the design stage.

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