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Gexa-Lotos Plant is about to Launch New Geotextile Products

JSC Gexa-Lotos set up new equipment as part of the modernisation of its geosynthetic fabrics plant. The extrusion machine, which produces tape yarn from polymeric materials, will enable the production of fabrics to be increased by 150 tons, which will create an opportunity to double the manufactured products to about 25 million square meters per year. This machine is the second of its kind in the company. The plant is now capable of producing up to 300 tons of geosynthetics per month.

 The range of products is also expanding: waterproofing for low-rise buildings Isospan – one of the most popular brands of JSC Gexa-Netkaniye Materialy incorporating the JSC Gexa-Lotos plant in Astrakhan – will soon join the range of geosynthetics for various applications. Isospan will be used for comprehensive protection of building structures against external and internal water. The plant is currently conducting the first trial production of the new waterproofing material, and the full-scale production of Isospan will begin next year.

 In 2022, the company received a concessional loan of 40.5 million rubles from the Industrial Development Fund of the Astrakhan Region. The funds were used for the construction of the third production line of the plant. The metal structures are almost finished. Weaving technologies will be developed there.

 – We plan to have the workshop operational by the end of this year. The space will be used to expand the current production and to start manufacturing goods for the agricultural industry – shade nets, which Astrakhan needs as an agricultural region. The total investment volume from the beginning of implementation exceeds half a billion rubles. Investments in the third line of the plant will amount to about 250 million rubles after the purchase of the equipment, – said Alexander Kochetkov, General Director of JSC Gexa-Lotos.

 The company manufactures products mainly from domestic raw materials and supplies them not only to the Russian market, but also to the Near Abroad and the Caspian-bordering countries. JSC Gexa-Netkaniye Materialy, the parent company of JSC Gexa-Lotos in Astrakhan, signed a number of agreements of intent for cooperation with North Africa and the Middle East at the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum.

 – We are always pleased to hear about the achievements of our tenants. The Gexa-Lotos plant is one of the first companies to be established in the Industrial Special Economic Zone. We are doubly pleased by the fact that since 2017 the company has managed to build the two lines and has already started the construction of the third, while upgrading the production process and thus increasing the volume of manufactured products. This demonstrates the effective participation in such a form of cooperation with the state, within which certain preferences and benefits support the development of Russian companies and their access to external markets, – comments Andrey Nalimov, Deputy Director General of the Management Company of the Caspian Cluster.

 Today, the JSC Gexa-Lotos plant has 140 employees. The production complex covers more than 7 thousand square meters. More than 70 new jobs will be created with the expansion of production.

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