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A tenant of SEZ Lotus has produced more than 10 million square meters of geosynthetics

In 2022, the plant of JSC Gexa-Lotos produced over 10 million square meters of finished products. The enterprise is planning to increase its production capacity: a year earlier, the figures were lower — 6.5 million square meters.

The geosynthetics manufacturing in SEZ Lotus was launched in 2017. The plant was founded by the holding company JSC Gexa-Netkaniye Materialy owning one of the leading positions in manufacturing of nonwoven fabric and products from it in the Russian market.

— Six years ago, there was nothing but heath. When we became a tenant, the managing company provided the required communication lines that made it possible to construct a warehouse. We brought the first equipment units here and started to educate weavers and professional staff members in order to have the completed enterprise set up. During this time, we have constructed 2 lines. The second line will be ready for operation in a month, and in the end of this year, it will be brought up to full capacity, — said Alexander Kochetkov, Director General of JSC Gexa-Lotos.

Now, the plant processes 150 tons of raw materials, and the company has 140 staff members employed. 13 weaving looms, 2 extrusion lines, warping mills and other service equipment are used in operating process. With the launch of the second line, 25 weaving looms and new equipment including extrusion-laminating machine, flexographic printing press, rereelers, wrapping machines and fibre extrusion line will be added.

The products of JSC Gexa-Lotos are applied in construction, realignment and mending of public and other types of roads as well as in agricultural sector and general construction works. It’s differential characteristics are high stability, thermal resistance and tolerance to different types of soil, that’s why it’s used in oil and gas fields and the most significant sites of the country. Thus, the company has become the main dealer of geosynthetics applied in the Vostochny Spaceport access route building.

Now, the enterprise is aimed at production of geosynthetics. The new workshop, which will be launched in the nearest future, will produce waterproofing for low-rise buildings Isospan that is one of the most popular brands of JSC Gexa-Netkaniye Materialy. It has been manufactured for more than 20 years.

JSC Gexa-Lotos goes beyond the launch of the second line, and the piling field for the third line has already been laid. Weaving technologies will mostly be promoted here. The company is planning to increase the staff to 300 members and provide non-stop functioning and 400-500 tons of products monthly.

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